Art Journal- December 3, 2021

Currently, learning to use Blender… maybe some Sparky figurines will be in the pipeline soon?  There are a few main characters from the Sparky universe that I would like to start out with.  Hard to believe that the holidays are now upon us, as well as the third year of the seemingly never-ending pandemic.  I think that it’s important to continue doing sketches each day, now more than ever, while the world is so chaotic.  On a side note, a few artists have caught my attention as of late, such as Gray Morrow.  I especially love his science fiction and fantasy book covers.    

The World Today (The Next Day)

Briefly, I thought about deleting the post from yesterday.  This morning, however… I think it’s important to leave it.  Most every artist and human being will experience times when he or she feels as if a hopeless struggle is being waged.  My grandmother was a nurse for Ed Dodd, creator and cartoonist of the Mark Trail newspaper strip.  He faced rejection after rejection.  She informed me on several occasions that he came very close to throwing the strip into the trash.  It’s beyond difficult to convince a stranger to care enough to publish your work.  The bottom line is that I’ve written and illustrated work of merit, a 160 page graphic novel, which is very close to my heart.  I believe strongly in it.  There is no doubt that it will be published someway, somehow.   Conversely, it’s an understatement to say that the publishing industry is in a state.  Is Barnes and Noble about to go out of business?  What does it say about the state of the publishing industry to note that a founder of the Savannah College of Art & Design’s sequential department is having to do a Kickstarter to fund his book?  What does it say when Noelle Stevenson, show-runner for a popular animated series like She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, has to seek out alternative means of funding her publications?  It doesn’t say good things, me thinks… regardless, it’s important to document my thoughts here on my blog and share the process… a process that will include highs and lows.  With yesterday being a low, let’s make today a high…     

The World Today (as Seen through the Eyes of an Artist)

The world, as seen through the eyes of an artist, is an especially bleak one at the moment.  This era isn’t one that favors creativity.  Continually, throughout my life, especially having grown up in the Bible Belt of the U.S… I have often felt as if artists are treated like we don’t matter.  Even when an individual admires something we’ve created–trying to get that same person to compensate us for our time, effort, and energy is a monumental endeavor.  Endeavor.  If only we were in a field that offered things which others desperately needed, like healthcare or manufacturing.  A pill.  Oil.  A new building.  Alas, though we may create something that is wholly unique, in general, people pay more attention to what they are ordering from the local lunch menu.  Round pegs.  Square holes.  Yet I can’t be anything other than who I am.  Night turns to day.  Then night again.  Years go by.  And I’m still here.  And when I’m gone, someone will take my work and sell it for more than I ever received in my lifetime.  Or throw it into the trash.  That is how I feel today.  Hopeless.  

Jack Spriggins

A snapshot of a recent fairytale illustration, Jack Spriggins and the Enchanted Beanstalk.  I wanted to play around with a graphite technique for the sky/clouds that I tried only briefly with a previous drawing.  Essentially, I built up darkened areas of the sky with graphite pencils, then erased to create clouds.

In a disparate future, Sparky encounters intergalactic warlords, devious aliens, and an ever burgeoning midlife crises. Rest assured, Sparky and his comrade.

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