Art Journal- December 3, 2021

Art Journal- December 3, 2021

Currently, learning to use Blender… maybe some Sparky figurines will be in the pipeline soon?  There are a few main characters from the Sparky universe that I would like to start out with.  Hard to believe that the holidays are now upon us, as well as the third year of the seemingly never-ending pandemic.  I think that it’s important to continue doing sketches each day, now more than ever, while the world is so chaotic.  On a side note, a few artists have caught my attention as of late, such as Gray Morrow.  I especially love his science fiction and fantasy book covers.

In a disparate future, Sparky encounters intergalactic warlords, devious aliens, and an ever burgeoning midlife crises. Rest assured, Sparky and his comrade.

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