Sparky’s Schematics

Sparky: A servile android by day, Sparky serves destruction on a silver platter to all who oppose him.

Origin of Sparky: Death Ray Manufacturing, Inc. (a division of Sassy McSassington Sr. Enterprises) 

Career Goal: Destroy.  Destroy.  DESTROY.

T.I.E.K.U.T. (Three Intergalactic Evil Kittens from Ultima Thule): Harbingers of doom from a distant Kuiper Belt object, these nefarious kittens are out to conquer Earth and enslave its native androids, thereby throwing a wrench in Sparky’s own evil schemes.  Can Sparky thwart their plans?  It’s EVIL vs. EVIL!

Origin of T.I.E.K.U.T: The lonely void between dimensions.

Career Goal: Conquer.  Enslave.  RULE

Bob: A tyrannosaur from Earth’s Cretaceous Period, brought to the post-human future by Sparky via a time portal.  Sparky enlists this destructive beast in the fight against T.I.E.K.U.T. (if Sparky can keep him under control)!

Origin of Bob: Late Cretaceous

Career Goal: Roar.  Chomp.  ROAR.