Art Journal- November 19, 2022

Art Journal- November 19, 2022

As a kid, I always enjoyed the work of Donald Glut in the original Masters of the Universe mini-comics from the 1980s.  Here is a YouTube clip of a recent interview with him in which he discusses his life and career:

In graphic novel news for A Home Without, we’re moving right along with printing.  I can’t wait!

On a side note, my apologies for no Dapper Men in Love or Sparky the Sassy Android comics as of late.  Recent family health concerns have slowed me down a bit, but I should be back on track with new webcomics over the course of the next few days.

In a disparate future, Sparky encounters intergalactic warlords, devious aliens, and an ever burgeoning midlife crises. Rest assured, Sparky and his comrade.

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