221 B Con

Just a reminder: If you happen to be in the Atlanta, GA area this weekend, I’ll have an art booth at 221 B Con from April 8-10.  We’ll be celebrating all things Sherlock Holmes!  I’ll be selling art prints, books, greeting cards, originals, and other stationary.  Hopefully, I’ll see you there 🙂  For more information on 221 B, such as location and directions, please visit the official website:

Art Journal- March 16, 2022

The current state of the publishing industry evokes such a sadness.  What options are there for up and coming independent storytellers?  Obviously, in regard to self-publishing, Amazon is an option.  I will find a way to publish my work.  The search for a publisher– if this is my biggest problem, then I’m doing absolutely fine.  But damn it all, folks.  Damn.

In a disparate future, Sparky encounters intergalactic warlords, devious aliens, and an ever burgeoning midlife crises. Rest assured, Sparky and his comrade.

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