Don’s Musings

In Review: AWA 2019

Thanks to all who stopped by the art booth at AWA 2019.  I enjoyed meeting you.  A few thoughts: Customers seemed to enjoy my versions of Studio Ghibli characters, so I will likely offer more of those in the future … probably in the form of postcards or art tiles.  The superhero prints also caught a lot of interest.  

On a side note, a few buyers mentioned that this particular convention seemed to have outgrown the exhibit space.  For several years, from around 2003 to 2007, I attended San Diego Comic Con.  I stopped attending in 2007, in most part because a lot of the enjoyment was taken away by impossibly long lines for panels and a nightmarish entry line that wrapped around the entire convention center twice and then down to the harbor.  

In regard to AWA, I’m not sure what future options are available if an extension of the space proves necessary.  Perhaps spread out to the nearby hotels?  I realize that this is easier said than done …

Crowds aside, everyone was very friendly, customers and convention staff alike.  The tech staff did an especially great job with the various panels in main events and kept everything running smoothly.  Lastly, it was great that the convention occurred over Halloween weekend, as many of the cosplayers took the opportunity to go the extra mile.  I’m not sure who won best cosplay, but a few that stood out to me were a female Beetlejuice and Crowley from Good Omens. 

Alas, looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!    

The Wire Armature Deep End

“Hmm … maybe we should’ve started you on sculpting earlier, Don.”

I can still hear my friend and former middle school art teacher, Brenda Gentile, saying those supportive words in a rich Southern accent.  At the time (many moons ago … around 1992 or 1993), I was obsessed with Francis Ford Coppola’s new Dracula film.  Our art class had recently been allotted the luxury of a kiln, thus a foray into sculpting was attempted.  I chose to sculpt Dracula and his three brides, basing them off of the movie designs by Eiko Ishioka.  

Long lost at this juncture, those figurines allowed me to dip my toes into the art of sculpting.  Unfortunately, I missed out on revisiting sculpture during my college years.  Recently however, with Sparky and T.I.E.K.U.T, I’ve jumped into the wire armature deep end.  Maybe some future Sparky and T.I.E.K.U.T. figurines can be arranged?

– Don Gaddis